What is Space Weather?

Space weather is the physical and phenomenological state of natural space environments. The associated discipline aims, through observation, monitoring, analysis and modelling, at understanding and predicting the state of the sun, the interplanetary and planetary environments, and the solar and non-solar driven perturbations that affect them; and also at forecasting and nowcasting the possible impacts on biological and technological systems.'

The above English definition, which was a deliverable of COST Action 724 ('extract of the Final Report'), was officially approved by the representatives of 23 countries in 2007. Since then, this definition was translated in many languages by scientists worldwide.

On November 2013, during the 10th European Space Weather Week, the city of Antwerpen agreed to have it printed in a big poster with the translation into 56 languages in front of the Central Railway Station during 5 days, so that thousands of people could see it.

This initiative, called the ('Wall of Peace'), was supported by the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations. Thanks to the Science, all these languages and all these cultures are still telling the same thing. They gather in this definition and, to follow Joseph Rotblat, 'They transcend geographic frontiers and ideological divides'.